Veronica's Fanola Faves Trio

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Hi, Fanola Babes! I'm Veronica, a true California girl living in sunny San Diego. Between being a content creator, sharing mom-life through Instagram, and being a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, I love curling up and relaxing with my fam to watch a Disney movie while Fanola’s Nutri Care Restructuring Mask sits in my hair after a long day.

Using Fanola products to keep my hair healthy and blonde for the past few years has been the best and I am so excited to share my 3 ultimate faves with you all in one bundle!:
  • Vegan No Yellow Shampoo (350 ml): My first ever Fanola Product was their Vegan No Yellow Shampoo, and it continues to be one of my favorite products to keep my hair fresh as if I just walked out of the salon. If I see some yellow peeking through, I’ll hop in the shower and apply it throughout my hair. I also pair the No Yellow Shampoo with their No Yellow Mask to give my hair some extra love. Definitely a BFF for every blondie.
  • Nutri Care Restructuring Mask (500 ml): This color-preserving restructuring mask is packed with hair strengthening ingredients that will leave your hair smiling. Not only that, but it also smells so good you could eat it - don’t, hehe. But, it seriously smells like vanilla yogurt and everyone in my home loves the smell of my hair after I use it.
  • Nutri Care Bi-Phase Spray (200 ml): Okay let's talk thick, bed head, color-treated and dry hair which stays up in a mom bun most of the day. That describes my hair most of the time. But trying this spray has been a GAME CHANGER! It's a detangler and hydrates hair fibers, you do not have to wash it out (a huge plus when it comes to mom life), it's also enriched with Keratin and Milk Proteins which eliminate the frizz. You get the gist, this is the bomb! And a must-have in my hair care routine. 

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