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Hi, I'm Mei (aka @princessmei)! I’ve always had the dream of long and beautiful bleached hair, but I’d always end up cutting it short because of the constant breakage. Since switching to a fully Fanola hair care routine over two years ago, my hair has never been healthier.

My haircare box contains all of my must-have products that have kept my hair healthy throughout every color change and transformation...


Fiber Fix Shampoo

In the search for healthy hair, I think many of us don’t put enough emphasis on finding the right shampoo. The Fiber Fix Shampoo is unlike anything I’ve ever tried; it’s both gentle enough for delicate hair but strong enough to cleanse away grease. It’s meant to be used in duo with the bond connector for best results. 

Fiber Fix Bond Connector

This was the first Fanola product I ever tried over 3 years ago and it completely changed my life. Ever since using this product, my hair has been more resilient, and it’s thanks to the bond connector that I’m able to maintain healthy hair even throughout all my drastic color changes! I like to use this twice a week in the place of a conditioner for a deeply nourishing treatment.

Nutri Care 10 Action Spray

This is an amazing aftercare product that can be used on both damp or dry hair. It helps calm frizz and gives protection from humidity and UV rays so your hair can stay healthy throughout the day! I like to use this as part of my morning haircare routine to properly nourish and protect my hair.

Nutri Care Leave In Conditioner & Restructuring Serum

My greatest tip for smooth, silky, and healthy hair is to use ample amounts of leave-in conditioner and oil. By mixing these two and applying them to damp hair you can minimize friction and prevent breakage from knots or snags. This step helped minimize my most extreme breakage! Aside from mixing this oil serum with the leave-in conditioner for aftercare, I also love to use the serum on its own. I apply this as part of my morning haircare routine to nourish and calm frizzy hair.

My hair has never been longer in my entire life and I hope those looking for healthy hair find the same result with these products 💗 Xoxo, Mei


*pssst. You can read more about Princess Mei and her collaboration with us here*


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