clixy x Fanola - Summer Blondie Essentials Kit

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Every blondie's two must-haves are a great hair day and a picture to capture it all. 

We teamed up with clixy, founded by one of our incredible Fanola Babe's Linda Nguyen, to bring the ultimate set of her favorite Fanola goodies and a clixy smartphone Bluetooth remote to help you capture your best selfies.

“I’ve been blonde for 5 years now and Fanola has been there to keep my hair healthy and made having long hair a possibility. Before Fanola was in my hair care routine, I would always have to cut my hair to lessen breakage! Because of Fanola, my hair is now healthy and strong and my blonde stays ashy and bright. That’s why I am so excited about the clixy x Fanola collaboration as it combines a passionate venture of mine and the go-to blonde maintenance products that have been in my hair arsenal for years.” - Founder, Linda Nguyen @LTNDA

What Is Clixy?

Clixy is a Bluetooth Shutter Remote that easily connects to your smartphone's* camera shutter button and lets you be your own photographer. *Compatible with iPhone & Android

What's Inside

  • White Satin clixy Bluetooth Shutter Remote to snap your gorgeous locks
  • Vegan No Yellow Incredible Foam Conditioner (250 ml)
  • Vegan No Yellow Shampoo (350 ml)
  • Vegan No Yellow Mask (350 ml)
  • Travel Sized Vegan No Yellow Shampoo (100 ml)
  • Travel Sized Vegan No Yellow Mask (100 ml)
  • Nutri Care 10-Action Spray (200 ml)
  • Nutri Care Restructuring Serum (100 ml)
  • Millennial Pink Classic Case Caboodle featuring your clixy and all of your hair care essentials

The Story Behind Clixy

As an influencer, I know how important it is to create content quickly and efficiently. I purchased my own Bluetooth clicker 3 years ago that I used to take my own photos with. I found that the clicker was slow to react, had a slow connection, and worst of all had a horrible design. That’s how clixy came to be. Clixy was born out of necessity. I needed it to create content efficiently and on my own time - without having to schedule a photographer or bother a friend. 

I am pretty shy and introverted. I didn’t like having my photo taken by others because it wasn’t comfortable. If I knew a camera was pointed my direction, my facial expression would usually become very unnatural. I was ecstatic to be able to take my own photos. I feel that there are a lot of individuals out there who also experience discomfort in having their photos taken by others. Clixy is beautifully designed to be taken with you everywhere. With a quicker connection and response time, and a satin silk finish, what is there not to love about it!?

Plus, it provides so many uses for everyone: from mothers taking photos with their kids to beauty gurus taking photos of their art. I hope clixy can help change how people take photos and how creative they can be!

- Linda Nguyen @LTNDA, Clixy Co-Founder

    Additional Info

    • How To Use Clixy Bluetooth Shutter Remote:

    • Turn clixy switch on
    • Blue light will blink
    • Connect Bluetooth on your smartphone to ‘sight’
    • Once connected, the clixy light will stop blinking
    • Open camera and click clixy to take video or photo

      Clixy Details:

    • 3Bluetooth Name: Sight
    • Range: Up to 30 Feet Compatibility: iPhone,
    • Android Battery: CR2032 Dimension: 29mm (L) x 29mm ( W) x 12.3mm (H)
    • For more info:


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