James Miju Master Formula Kit

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Well known Los Angeles Based Hair Stylist and Salon Owner James Mijucollaborated with Fanola to craft the perfect ash grey & metallic formulation kit including Fanola's 24karat gold infused Oro therapy color line. 

In this formula kit you will 3 different volumes of developers that go perfectly with the Oro Lightener, helping you to lift and lighten before color is applied. Additionally, this box includes our Fanola Oro Therapy color in 5 shades. This creamy formula is here to mix with ease while maintaining the health of the hair and locking in the color for a beautiful bold look. Bleach and color can be damaging to hair but fear not, the Fiber Fix Intro Kit is here to resurrect and defy damage by repairing and restoring broken hair bonds. Finally, to end your appointment with award winning hair, you can use either the Diamanté Oil that is infused with diamonds, micro-active fold and sun filters. Just a few drops of the liquid diamond will restore vitality while creating instant silky softness to hair. The second option is our Bi-Phase Illuminating Conditioner which also contains micro-active gold that specializes to smooth and detainee your hair with the help of Argan Oil. Last but surely not least, included in this start to finish appointment box are formulas that Miju himself use to help you achieve the fun LA look we all desire. 

Box Contents:

  • Oro Color Line:
    • 8.1 x 2 tubes
    • 5.1 x 1 tube
    • 4.2 x 1 tube
    • 1.10 x 1 tube
    • Blue x 1 tube
  • Fiber Fix Intro Kit
  • Oro Lightener
    • 2 small 75G bags
  • Diamante Puro Oil
  • Bio-Phase Oro Spray
  • Oro Developers
    • 1-10, 1-20,1-30
  • Thicc! Pro Tapered Tint Brush
  • Thicc! Lite Tint Comb Brush
  • Cushion Safety Mask
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