Pre-Shampoo Scrub

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When that head of hair is starting to get a little bit too natural, this scrub gel is ready to bring things back to normal with delicate surfactive agents that help purify the scalp. It's made with wheat proteins which react with sebum, removing excessive build up and leaving the hair bright, shining, and rebalanced. This scrub gel pre-shampoo is the extra boost you need when the head needs some help getting back to a happy medium.


  • Infused with Wheat Proteins, Nettle and Burdock Root Extract
  • Removes sebum build up
  • Rebalances hair
How to use it: Apply to scalp before shampooing, massage and leave on for 3 minutes. Lather with warm water and rinse off. Can be used when there is severe build-up on scalp before shampooing with a clarifying product. 

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