Fanola Oro Gold Therapy Bleaching Powder, 75 gr x 1 Packette

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One of the trickiest parts of lightening hair color is finding a way to lift gently. That trick gets a little easier with this keratin powder from Fanola's Oro Therapy 24K line. It's formulated with non-volatile ingredients to reduce the risk of irritation and damage to the hair structure while it can lift up to 7 tones. And the added mixture of keratin proteins and argan oil not only help fight damage from the bleaching process, but work to rehydrate the hair and support its natural structure. *NOTE: For professional use only. Not intended for retail use. If this product is not used properly by a licensed professional, it may cause harm.*


  • Non-volatile ingredients
  • Keratin proteins and argan oil support healthy hair
  • Lifts up to 8 levels
  • 75 g


Lift and Color up to One Level: Oro Gold Activator at 10-Vol. Leave on for 20 minutes.
Lift and Color up to Two Levels: Oro Gold Activator at 20-Vol. Leave on for 30 minutes. 20-Vol is the standard volume developer when coloring for permanent and covering grey hair.
Lift and Color up to Three Levels: Oro Gold Activator at 30-Vol. Leave on for 40 minutes.
Lift and Color up to Four+ Levels: Oro Gold Activator at 40-Vol. Leave on for 50 minutes.
*40-Vol Developer should not be used when bleaching hair, this will cause extreme damage to the hair.

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