Fanola No Yellow Hair Color

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PPD (Paraphyenylenediamina)-Free color formula that is enriched with special extra high-performance, three-dimensional, anti-reflection pigments. The range offers a coloring system that neutralizes undesired yellow tones during technical services. 

*NOTE: For professional use only. Not intended for retail use. If this product is not used properly by a licensed professional, it may cause harm.*

Creates purest blonde perfection
Low in ammonia.
Enriched with Blackberry Extract, Grapes and Blueberry
Protects both hair & scalp.

How to use:
Ice Blonde: Mixing Ratio 1:1.5 - Series of blonde shades with an ice-white color, able to lighten and deposit an anti-yellow pigment.
Ice Superlightener: Mixing Ratio 1:2 - Formulated with special anti-reflection yellow pigments with main violet color characteristics to neutralize yellow pigments.
Lightener: Mixing Ratio 1:3 - Offers excellent lightening performance.
Ice Toner: Mixing Ratio 1:2 - Toner with cool reflections, suitable for neutralizing the undesired yellow effect.

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