Fanola No Yellow Clay Lightening Powder for Balayage

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From nature, we took clay to developer an anti-yellow bleaching powder that is specific for balayage and freehand techniques. Thanks to its humectant action, the Clay captures the water, creating elastic and a rubbery mixture, perfect for advanced techniques and creative discoloration. 

Formula: Silica-free formal, without Titanium Dioxide
Lifting Power: Up to 6/7 levels
Assets: The humectant action of the Clay captures water and creates a thick and full-bodied cream
Action: Reduces to a minimum and optimizes the yellow reflection 
Suitable For: Freehand technique and Balayage
Mix: 1:2 with Fanola Creme Developer 10-20-30-40 vol

Size: 2 x 450 gr, 15.84 oz, 2 x 450 ml

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Very good product

I was work in the damaged hair



I love Fanola, I’ve used the shampoo for I’m guessing a year or more now. I tell every blonde I see about it. During the whole lock down I decided to venture out and try a different bleach. I was sad to say I am stuck at home with horrible yellow to orange hair. When I would have been able to not have use a toner with the last bleach and use the fanola purple shampoo on my hair to give me that look I wanted all the time. I am now stuck with this. At first glance scooping it out I was nervous to see it was grey and not purple or blueish. But I continued. I used the 20 vol dev. And left it on for about 30 ish min. Once I noticed how bad it was I quickly applied the purple shampoo for about an hour. The next day I had to basically color my hair with attic fox purple rain to fix the yellow. It was that bad. I think if I were to get the cream one. (The cheaper one) I would have been better off. But I splurged. And it bit me. At least I’m in quarantined in the house till I can fix it with a toner. I’m just disappointed. I did 1 part to 2 parts.