Fanola Botugen Reconstructive Filler 150 ml

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This is the second step to Fanola's second chance for damaged hair. After washing the hair the toweling it off, apply the reconstructing mask by spreading it on the hair and rubbing it upwards to open the cuticle. This allows the botolife to get inside the strands to start filling in the cracks. Then just wrap the hair up and process it under heat so the Botugen can start strengthening the hair and get it ready for the rest if the treatment. *NOTE: For professional use only. Not intended for retail use. If this product is not used properly by a licensed professional, it may cause harm.*


  • Step 2
  • Maintains the moisture in the hair
  • Penetrates hair structure
  • Mitigates the effects of heat
  • Strengthens any damaged area

How/When: After shampooing, apply the filler diagonally on towel-dried hair and uncombed hair, strand by strand along the lengths (starting from the rear of the head) using a syringe (20 ml for short hair, 30 ml for medium hair, 35/40 ml for long hair) and massage against the scales from tips to roots, keeping a uniform pressure over the whole length. Leave on for 5-10 minutes under a heat source or cap. Do not rinse.


  • 150 mL
  • pH 5.5

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