Cushion Safety Mask Black - SV2

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A comfortable and reusable alternative to traditional sanitary masks. These six individually wrapped mask comes with a mesh carrying case. The bleach resistant material makes it perfect for salon professionals.

The foam material is popularly used in Asia to help shield against dust, allergens, and chemicals. The mask design is kept traditional while we focus on the unique fabric which is pre-softened to provide a supple texture to the foam in order to minimize friction against the skin.


This can be reused if you avoid excessive pulling and stretching of the material.  


Exhale Vents has filters one way (outwards) and is best for laying under other masks to increase filtration and comfort.  One vent is closed and one opens for exhalation


Vented has 2 vents 1 with cutout and one without for style and easy exhalation which is especially useful when stacking masks.

Mask: 100% Polyurethane

Pouch: 100% Nylon

Hand Wash or Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle or Delicate.

Tumble Dry, Low/Normal, No Heat or Dry Flat after squeezing excess water

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