Meet Brandy Raudales

Hi My Name is Brandy, Darlene! I’m a Professional Makeup Artist, Content Creator, Makeup Instructor, Entrepreneur, & Lifestyle Blogger! When I’m not any of these above, I’m a wife & a dog mom to Naruto! I enjoy cooking & enjoy talking all things beauty!

My Journey With Fanola...

I feel my biggest strengths are reviewing products that I love & sharing them. When I began my hair journey with Fanola, it changed the game for my hair & I MEAN IT! I had never been blonde before so I wasn’t aware of how important hair care is to dyed, processed hair. Being blonde is a lot of maintenance & I’m so happy I came across these products because they have made such a difference to how my hair looks and feels! The 3 products I RECOMMEND are the Fanola No Orange Shampoo, Nutri-care Crystal Serum & the Reconstructing Spray Mask!

My Journey With Fanola...

My Favorites

Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

Lastly, the crystal serum is the only hair serum that doesn’t oversaturate my hair with oil! it feels so lightweight, WHICH IS MY FAV PART! It seals my split ends & leaves my hair feeling sooooo smooth! I love to use it after styling my hair with any hot tools! I 100% recommend!!!

Vegan No Orange Shampoo

I absolutely love this, if I were to tell you to try one thing from Fanola, it would be one of this product! The toners are hydrating & effective, the results speak for themselves.

Nutri Care 10 Action Spray Leave-in Mask

The Spray Mask is a MUST!!! I go through bottles so quickly LOL I love spraying this after the shower & letting it set in while I air dry my hair! It hydrates, smooths, & detangles my hair, it leaves it feeling amazing once its dry! I can’t live without it LITERALLY!

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