Meet Tianna

My name is Tianna, I’m a lifestyle Youtuber. I love creating beauty videos,reviews, clothing videos & vlogs. I also wanted to create products of my own so I started Marbelco. I make scrunchies, candles, wax melts and so much more. If I’m not creating new products or videos I will most likely be with my German Shepard, Scarlett.

My Journey With Fanola...

I found Fanola through YouTube! Once I tried a few products I was hooked and they have been staple products for about 3 years now. I’m sooooo picky when it comes to maintaining blonde hair and Fanola makes it so easy.

My Journey With Fanola...

My Favorites

Vegan No Yellow Purple Shampoo or Mask

The No Yellow shampoo & hair mask is a MUST for me. There is no replacing it. After trying so many purple shampoos I was so happy to find one that actually works. Goodbye yellow, hello blonde.

NutriCare Essentials Kit

The Nutricare line is my absolute favourite. It’s a staple in my hair care routine. It has worked with all my hair colours & styles. It makes my hair look & feel so healthy. Not to mention this line smells amazing.

Oro Puro Illuminating Shampoo

This is an amazing shampoo when combined with the no yellow. It really helps bring out your hair colour while having amazing ingredients. It always leaves my hair feeling so clean.

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