Meet Tefi Pessoa

Hi hi hello hi! I’m Tefi! I’m from Miami and I’m currently based in Brooklyn, NY. I can’t believe people grew up with an actual winter.... EVERY YEAR? Couldn’t be me. Anyway. I’m on TikTok a lot, YouTube, and I have a podcast. I like to talk about dating, astrology, #FreeBritney, and self-love. I know that sounds like a total drag but I try to make it fun. Not Jojo Siwa style but more Dolly Parton-esque? You feel me? 

A fun fact about me is... I am a Cancer and I love Britney Spears.

I am obsessed...

I'm not exaggerating- Fanola has completely changed my hair for the better. I finally have healthy glossy hair without having to blow-dry it and using a million products to work with my frizz. I always dreamed of having mermaid hair AND I FINALLY HAVE IT. You can shop all the Fanola products I'm obsessed with below.

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I am obsessed...

My Favorites

Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

With self-love comes learning what routines I love and keep me calm. One of these routines is smelling all my Fanola products- I’m seriously obsessed with the Nutri Care serum. I use it everyday, brushing my hair and reciting my daily affirmations in the mirror.

Oro Puro Illuminating Mask

So, if you hate smelling like honey and vanilla- you definitely want to stay away from the Oro Puro Illuminating Mask. I use this twice a week and people have stopped me on the street to ask about my hair.

Fanola Keraterm Hair Ritual Kit

I just started using the Fanola Keraterm Hair Ritual and I don’t think I can ever stop using it again. I always tell the team over at Fanola “How DARE you create something so good I can never live without it ever again?!”. I finally have the Cher hair of my DREAMS, girl!! The good news is that so can YOU.

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