Meet Tania Ortiz

My name is Tania I do fashion posts on Instagram and I'm based in the Bay Area. I started doing this about 6+ years ago, I've always been so passionate about fashion & beauty. One thing I used to struggle a lot with was insecurity, anxiety & shyness, and believe it or not Instagram has helped so much with that. I like creating fun content and just showing that unique fun sense of style I have, being a mom has taught me one thing never stop dressing in what makes you feel comfortable. The content I create on my page is truly what represents me, if it doesn't fit me or I feel off I won't post it because at the end of the day it's my safe place. I'm also an entrepreneur and have an online clothing store called Unqlux which is pronounced (uniqueluxe) where we sell trendy stretchy & comfortable clothing.

Fun fact about me: A fun fact that no-one really knows is I have a passion for BAKING! Omg, I could bake all day and never get tired. It's so therapeutic for me and I've gotten so many compliments on my baking. I truly enjoy it so much.

My Fanola Faves

These products have bought my hair back to life. I used to bleach my hair for over 8+ years and my hair was fried, it was falling off and was completely damaged and stringy. After 1 year of using these products, my hair is soft, healthy, bouncy, and has so much VOLUME! I saw results in 1 month and after that, I just never stopped using this hairline, I haven't used anything else in over a year.



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My Fanola Faves

My Favorites

Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

I'm out of the shower I apply the nutricare oil & leave in spray and I let my hair air dry. Once my hair is 90% dry I apply a little bit more oil on the ends and style my hair and this lasts me 4 days of amazing non oily hair. The nutricare hairline has seriously changed my hair. I actually recently introduced it to my sister and she is obsessed with this line.

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