We are innovating ways to help you return to the salon stronger than ever.

We know that Fanola Color Professionals (FCPs) are full of the entrepreneurial spirit and that you will fight through these tough times.

Our Double Dollars FCPC referral program is designed to build up buying power for when it is time to go back to business as usual, and maybe make a little cash in in the meantime.

If you are not an FCP you can join today and get your FCPcode tomorrow.

Remember, it is more important than ever to find ways to communicate with your Clientele proactively.

We have Home Care Kits your Clients will love and best of all www.fanola.net is still shipping.

Remember, it is more important than ever to find ways to communicate with your Clientele proactively.

Our first program to Support Our Stylists will offer participating stylists a discount affiliate code for their clients to purchase the At Home Hair Care Products they need. This is also known as an FCPCode.

The FCPCode will:

Give 10% off to your clients when they buy from www.Fanola.net.

Earn 10% of the order total each time your FCPC is used.

All April earnings under your FCPC can be redeemed in 2 ways: If you earn more than $200 in total by the end of May you can receive a check from us for all or part of the amount earned.

You might not want to have all of it in cash though because... No matter how much you earn, the amount can be turned into Double Dollars for when it is time to restock and Get Back. Double Dollars will help you restock after having low cash flow.

The FCPCode will:


We curated Stay Home Hair Care kits to include at-home haircare essentials that your client can mix and match, depending on what their hair needs at that given moment. Our goal is to provide stylists & their clients with the right products to safely brighten their blonde, refreshen their color, and nourish their hair during the shelter-in-place.

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We have many members of our Fanola Color Professional (FCP) community that are helping their clients take care of their hair while they can’t. FCPs are delivering Nutri Care and No Yellow products to doorsteps or telling clients to go online so they pick all the products needed to care for their hair at home because www.fanola.net is still shipping.

The last thing we all want is for clients to go out and satisfy that itch by buying box dye!

Now only through May, you and your clients are able to purchase these tailor-made color kits.

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