Meet Shelby

Hey Y’all! 😊❤️️ My name is Shelby or better known as SimplyShellaby online. On my Youtube Channel I love doing a little bit of everything, from vlogs, to fashion videos and as well as beauty related videos. I first got introduced to Fanola through my hair stylist when I went blonde. I asked her what conditioner she was using on me because it was literally the best smelling conditioner I have ever experienced and it turned out to be the Fanola nutri care conditioner. Since then I have loved using Fanola and am an absolute STAN!!

A Fun Fact About Me...

One of my first videos ever was reviewing the Fanola No Orange Shampoo versus No Yellow Shampoo which is my most viewed video to date.

A Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

No Orange Blue Shampoo or Mask

This goes hand in hand with the No Yellow Shampoo. I really can’t pick which one I like better because they both helped me on my light hair journey!

Nutri Care Restructuring Hair Mask

THE SMELL!!! Literally the BEST smelling conditioner or hair mask I have ever come across. Now, maybe you don’t love sweets like me, but these products smell like vanilla cake. I just can’t get enough of them. Not only do they smell great but they leave your hair feeling so soft and silky smooth.

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