Meet Rami Zeinn

Hello everyone! My name is Rami,  I am a Tik Tok and social Influencer for a couple of years now and I truly love it! I love being able to make someone’s day either by making them laugh or making them smile. I also have a love for acting and went to a theater school growing up. 

People love and know me for my hair and Fanola helps me keep my hair on point!




A Fun Fact About Me...

I love challenging myself and eating the spiciest foods that can get my hands on!

A Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

Fanola No Yellow Care Incredible Foam Conditioner

The Vegan No Yellow Incredible Foam does not only take away my yellow tones, but it is super fun to use! The foam makes it so easy to apply, it smells amazing and I never had to worry about looking brassy.

Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

This nutri care serum is my holy grail! I have ran through so many bottles and the best part, it smells like jolly ranchers!

Fanola Fiber Fix

This is a holy grail if you ever bleach your hair! It brings my hair back to life from all the damage and seals all the fibers. If you haven’t tried this, do it!

Oro Temporary Color Masks

The oro color masks are the best during my hair journey with fanola. I love changing up my hair colors and these are the best when you never want to stay one color for long! So easy to apply and so much fun. Fanola has a bunch of different colors!

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