Meet Natalie Simoes

Hey! My Name is Natalie Simoes. I am a 20 year old, self made hairstylist in Scottsdale, Arizona. I graduated cosmetology school in 2018 and quickly built my books within a year’s time. I got interested in hair because I loved seeing women empowered and feel beautiful. I thought it was amazing to turn art into confidence and self love. I wanted to be a part of the magic hairstylist created everyday. I specialize in vivid colors and blonding, all while having to use a step stool because I am only 5 feet tall! While my main passion is hair, I also enjoy photography and making people feel beautiful in their own skin.

A Fun Fact About Me...

I used to be a gymnast and a cheerleader! I was a flyer in cheer and I still love to tumble to this day.

A Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

Nutri Care 10 Action Spray Leave-in Mask

Since I am a blonde specialist I do a ton of teasing and this leave in spray is PERFECT for brushing out tease it is literally my right hand man. Not only does it tackle any tease/ knots it leaves the hair silky soft.

Curly and Wavy Hair Mask

As a fellow curly girl I know it is such a struggle to keep curly/wavy hair moisturized and this mask makes my curls bouncy and nourished and moisturized. It also isn't too heavy so it doesn't weigh my curls down.

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