Meet Nami Cho

Hi!! My name is Nami and my channels are based around vlogging my beauty and hair experiments. My family features three interesting children who add flavor to our vlogging adventures, drawing a very emotional and sometimes silly story to our journey (:

Fun fact about me: Over the last few years, I have tried to go back to my natural hair several times and always gave in to the platinum blonde 😭 It do be like that.. 😞✌

My Fanola Faves

I found Fanola at the beginning of my hair coloring journey while going through all colors of the rainbow! Fanola easily became an extreme staple in keeping my in-between-color-blonde stages super platinum and the No Yellow line has been such a holy grail for years. 

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My Fanola Faves

My Favorites

Fanola No Yellow Care Incredible Foam Conditioner

First of all, the No Yellow line is SSOOOO GOOOD guise- it's the strongest, most even, easiest to use texture and formula of purple-based shampoos and conditions that I've ever used out of the half dozen I've gone through! The Foam Conditioner is especially amazing for it's super light texture but super strong delivery on the color correction- very easy to spread and smooth and also only takes 1 minute to process compared to 5-20 minutes on other toners I've tried!

Vegan No Yellow Purple Shampoo or Mask

The No Yellow Vegan smells sooo good on top of it's really great Violet action technologies. It is exactly like the Original No Yellow Duo but with the great Vegan and Cruelty Free benevolence without losing any benefits on the original formula at all!

Original No Yellow Purple Shampoo & Mask Duo

This is the first No Yellow line I tried and fell in love with! The formula is much more liquid than other purple shampoos I've tried and lathers sooo easily throughout the hair in between the suds! I also find I get a very even coating of color correction when it comes to lathering through because of the formula's viscosity compared to thicker shampoos that would just cling to one area!

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