Meet Mindy Nam

mindy x fanola

Typically, most people know of Fanola from their No Yellow Shampoo and not their other products. I, on the other hand, knew of their color line first as I discovered Fanola as a client.

Miju (@dearmiju) was my colorist at the time and he would test their color line on my hair. After some time passed, I started to work under him and the main color line he used was Fanola.

At first, I was overwhelmed with how many shades both their Prestige and Oro line carried (which is a good thing). However, I grew to love both lines and expanded to their other products such as bond builders, aftercare, etc.

After familiarizing myself with their products, I haven't turned back since. I take pride in only recommending my clients products that I truly believe in, and I can honestly say that I absolutely love Fanola's products.

With love, Mindy

mindy x fanola

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mindy's hair care routine

In the shower:

Step 1: Fiber Fix Shampoo (300ml) - This shampoo is my all time favorite for both chemically treated and virgin hair. This is my holy grail shampoo as it has a great pH balance and really moisturizes the hair while repairing/restoring broken hair bonds.

I use this by itself every time I wash my hair or another trick is to use half of this along with half of No Yellow/Free No Yellow or No Orange/Free No Orange. This will allow my hair to repair and tone down the unwanted brassy tones. (I typically purchase the 1000ml as reference)

Step 2: Fiber Fix Bond Connector (300 ml) - Fiber Fix Bond Connector is my must have product for chemically treated hair. I can say that every single one of my clients with chemically treated hair has the 1000ml tub. This product is amazing to repair your hair from chemical/physical damage. It also makes the hair soft and shiny! For clients with chemically treated hair, I would use this in replacement of your conditioner/mask. For virgin hair clients, I'd use once a week (or more if needed).

Out of the shower: please remember to towel dry your hair prior to adding products in your hair!

Step 3: Oro Bi Phase (200ml) - After you get out of the shower and towel dry your hair, I spray this from roots to ends. Being sensitive to strong fragrance, this is one of my favorite scents as it smells so refreshing. This product will help smooth and detangle the hair.

Step 4: Hair Tamer Wet Dry Hair Detangling Brush - Detangler brushes will become your best friend, especially for those with chemically treated hair. The bristles are designed not to pull when it hits snags/tangles, meaning it'll be gentle on your hair. After spraying Oro Bi Phase, please make sure to brush your hair with the detangler brush and towel dry thoroughly.

Step 5: Fanola No Yellow Care Thermo-Protective Cream Lengths and Tips (150ml) + Diamante Oil (100ml) - The No Yellow Care Thermo-Protective Cream is one of my recent favorites as this leave in is very light on the hair. I typically pair leave ins with an oil; my favorite being Diamante Oil. Squeeze a quarter size of the leave in cream into your palm and add a few drops of the oil as well. Rub your palms together to mix the two, and apply to your mids-ends (avoid roots). Adding a leave in/oil will draw more moisture to come out of your hair, so be sure to towel dry once again.

You're ready to blow dry! Be sure to fully blow dry your hair, especially if you have chemically treated hair. Remember, hair is in its weakest state when it's wet, so leaving it wet can cause a lot of breakage (especially if you lie down, pull the hair, etc).

I've also added a set of hair ties (Hair Tamer Hair Rings 3ct). These hair ties are perfect as it helps take strain off when you tie your hair up. These are my favorite to recommend clients especially when they have chemically treated hair as it will help not pull out/pinch the hair.

This is my complete step by step on my favorite after care products. I hope this will help you and your hair's health!

mindy's hair care routine