Meet Kayla Dang

Hi, my name is Kayla and I'm an influencer + aspiring PMU artist based in Los Angeles. I've always had a passion for beauty & fashion -- so I'm extremely glad to be in a field where I can help other girls feel confident and beautiful. I strongly believe that the right products can enhance your natural beauty, so I enjoy sharing my finds with others in hopes that they'll be able to reap the benefits as well. 


A Fun Fact About Me

I've tried to play many instruments growing up. I've played the viola, the violin, the guitar, the flute, the recorder (but I'm sure everyone had to play the recorder), and the piano. The only instrument I ended up sticking with long term was piano.

A Fun Fact About Me

My Favorites

Vegan No Yellow Purple Shampoo or Mask

This vegan purple shampoo is a must-have for anyone who has blonde, gray, or ash tones in their hair. I use this to maintain my blonde as long as possible until my next toning session. Just leave this on for 5 minutes and you can say "Bye Felicia" to those unwanted yellow hues and "Hello gorgeous!" to icy tones.

Fanola Fiber Fix

Most of us with colored hair know the struggle of not being able to wash our hair everyday in order to preserve the integrity of our hair. This shampoo efficiently cleans the gunk out of your hair without stripping you of your natural oils. I've noticed that my hair is less oily in between washes and I don't need to rely on dry shampoos as much. However, you can only feel the full benefits if you also use its partner in crime -- the Bond Connector.

After Color Mask

If you have dry ends and tangle-prone hair from constant coloring, this is the mask for you. Formulated specifically for color treated hair, this mask does wonders in detangling your hair and giving you a concentrated deep-conditioning treatment while locking in your color. Linseed Oil works to nourish and moisturize, while Beta-Carotene keeps your color vibrant and converts into Vitamin A to aid in hair cell growth.

Oro Puro 2-in-1 Illuminating Conditioning Spray

This leave in conditioner tames frizz, detangles, and boosts your hair's natural radiance. Perfect for use when you're ready to brush your hair after towel-drying it, or for an instant hair pick me up. Argan oil and Keratin helps to smooth out your hair for easy brushing while the micro gold ingredients illuminate your strands, giving your hair a hydrated and healthy finish.

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