strong and Blonde

I frequently tried different purple shampoos that just didn’t seemed to work well, no matter how long you left it on your hair. Sometimes you needed 2-3 washes for them to work. I started researching online and reading reviews for “the best purple shampoo” and eventually came across Fanola.

I was especially intrigued that the products are made in Italy in my Nonno’s (grandfather’s) hometown. Once I tried it I never looked back!

When Fanola asked me to create hair care kits with my the products that have worked so well for me I jumped at the chance. I have tried to curate a few kits for different hair issues and for different budgets.

strong and Blonde

My favorites and why

No Yellow Vegan Shampoo- the strongest purple shampoo on the market that does not dry your hair out.

No Orange Vegan Mask- an added punch for extra icy locks, or something to rotate out from the shampoo.

Rebalance Anti-Greese Shampoo- my hair isn’t bleached all the way to the root so my scalp gets oily. A good scalp scrub, and safe on the bleached ends while it’s rinsed away!

Nutri Care Restructuring Mask- my hair is super long and goes through a lot and I find this to be the perfect balance: repairs and deep conditions, but doesn’t weight your hair down.

Nutri Care 10 Action Spray Leave In Mask- my hair dries frizzy and tangled so I use this on my towel dried hair and it makes dry styling much more doable.

Fanola Botolife Filler Reconstructor Spray- I use this after the nutri care spray. This spray seems more reparative while the other one is more just a leave in conditioner.

Energy Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo- keeps my hair growing long and thick, balancing out any damage or loss from bleaching my ends.

Oro Therapy Pure Diamond Regenerating Serum- when my hair is dry the sprays don’t work for me so this is my best friend. Hair goes from looking dry, frizzy and fluffy to smooth and shiny!

My favorites and why