Meet Jeffery Dang

Hi everyone! My name is Jeffery and I am a men's fashion/beauty/lifestyle content creator on Tiktok and Instagram.  I am a creator based out of Orange County and I make content to inspire both men and women to find their style and OWN IT.

A Fun Fact About Me...

I actually started a YouTube channel back when I was only 7 years old making videos about origami, clay sculpting, and crochet but kept my identity a secret.

A Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

No Orange Blue Shampoo or Mask

Similarly to the No Yellow Shampoo, instead of an ash tone, using the No Orange Shampoo will give you a more icy finish! I love this product for when I like to keep my hair looking white or titanium.

Fanola No Yellow Care Incredible Foam Conditioner

Imagine the No Yellow Shampoo but in conditioner form! If you have a strict shampoo routine (e.g. dandruff, sensitive scalp, etc) and don't have room for No Yellow Shampoo, use the No Yellow Foam instead! It has the same effect of the No Yellow Shampoo, keeping your hair toned while conditioning your hair.

Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

Definitely a MUST HAVE! All my blondes know this, but the fear of breakage and knots is NO JOKE when you have dyed hair. Work in a couple pumps of this serum into your hair (wet or dry) and you'll be able to brush your hair with ease without the fear of knots and breakage -- plus, it smells like sour patch kids!

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