Meet Jacqueline Valencia

Hi! I’m Jacqueline, I am a professional makeup artist and educator in SoCal! Makeup has always been one of my biggest passions and I always try to host a class whenever I get the chance. My students are my motivation and inspiration and I love being able to teach them everything about makeup, hair, and beauty in general. Aside from makeup, I also love sharing my fitness tips. Staying active is an important part of my lifestyle and I enjoy giving my workout advice and sharing what I eat in a day.

A Fun Fact About Me...

I always start my mornings with meditation and yoga. It has changed so many aspects of my life!

A Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

This is hands down one of my favorite hair oils for healthy and shiny hair. I love the way it smells and feels on my hair. I always gift a bottle of these to my students who attend my beauty classes!

Nutri Care Restructuring Hair Mask

This is one of the first products I used when I heard about Fanola and I always love using this mask to keep my bleached hair looking healthy. Having bleached hair can be really damaging, so this mask is my favorite and a must have in my hair care routine.

Nutri Care Restructure Leave-in Conditioner

The first time I tried this product and OMG, I was blown away! I used it after showering and my hair felt so soft and silky. I was getting so many compliments on my hair. If you want a product that’ll keep your hair looking sleek and healthy, then I highly recommend this.

Vegan No Orange Mask

I love using the shampoo and mask whenever I have blonde hair and it always keeps the color looking icy and not brassy. I am always obsessed with the results!

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