Meet Gabby Hua

My name is Gabby Hua, I’m a 19 year old sophomore in college currently attending the University of Oklahoma. I am a social media influencer!


A Fun Fact About Me

I love animals and currently have a frog, a fish, and a cat, two; I love playing volleyball and use it as a stress relief during a busy week of promotions and school, and three; I love my family!

A Fun Fact About Me

My Favorites

Nutri Care 10 Action Spray Leave-in Mask

In first place as my holy grail that I used every single day with bleached hair and still use frequently to this day, I give the honors to the Nutri Care Reconstructing Hair Spray. This product not only smelled good but, it made my hair feel moisturized and made it look healthy and shiny. All of these products really helped with my hair journey and are helping my hair recover from it still too!

After Color Mask

The After Color Mask has maintained the color in my hair when I had silver hair and it smells like a delicious cake!

Volumizing Conditioner

This conditioner gives my hair a healthy soft and light touch and look which I absolutely love.

Volumizing Shampoo

This shampoo also gives my hair a soft and light touch, it's my favorite shampoo!

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