Meet Soy

Hey guys! I’m Soy, based in sunny LA, California. You can find me on Instagram where I share where, how and what to eat! I enjoy going on food adventures for my community to enjoy and it’s also a way to help support small and local businesses.

My Fanola Faves

Along with my food journey, I also have a hair journey and Fanola has been a major part of it. If you see me on social media, you know that I love to change up my hair color. Fanola products have helped me maintain my vivid hair colors while keeping my hair healthy throughout the process!

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My Fanola Faves

My Favorites

Oro Temporary Color Masks

These color masks have been my go-to whether my hair was blue, lavender, red, and many more. I love using this to refresh the color at home since vivid colors tend to fade fast.

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