Meet Flakydiva

Hey Gorgeous! My name is Rachel, aka: Flakydiva. I'm a fashionista and beauty enthusiast on a budget. My drive is to appreciate, embrace and enhance natural beauty. I began my journey through youtube sharing my favorite tips, experiences with new products and how I cared and maintained my hair. After bleaching my hair on my own and learning how quickly things can go wrong, I began to search for the best out there to tone and care for my Platinum Hair and let me just say, Fanola didn't disappoint! 🥰 Everytime I searched for a new product I always rushed back to Fanola and will never let go again.

A Fun Fact About Me...

I always dreamed of Icy Platinum hair ever since I was a young babe but I started my Platinum hair journey as a promise pact to my abuela when she could no longer care for her hair due to Alzheimer’s. I began my journey by bleaching and learning how to care for her hair and mine. That is when I came across Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and we felt in love 😍

A Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

Original No Yellow Purple Shampoo

I was first introduced to Fanola by the Famous No Yellow Shampoo. After bleaching and damaging my hair, I always avoided permanent toners and this shampoo took over my fears. I couldn't believe the contrast on my hair. My hair was always flawless. Even when I left it too long and it turned a bit purple I would stare in the mirror and smile. I felt so accomplished and proud for not ruining my hair once again. No Yellow Shampoo will say bye bye to the brassiness. And let's not forget how amazing it's smells and most importantly, cruelty free!

Fanola No Yellow Care Incredible Foam Conditioner

As soon as it was released, I wanted to try. This one is the most fun product I have ever used. It was easy to remove from my hands and didn't stain my bath. A little makes a world of difference. My hair was instantly soft and vibrant. Amazing for a platinum quick reset and get back to ICY!

Fiber Fix Hair Repair Duo

I was speechless when i tried this duo. These are incredible. The shampoo was so gentle on my fragile hair but left it so strong and nourished. For a second, I almost skipped the conditioner. I followed with the bond connector as a conditioner and my hair was thriving like never before. My hair was hydrated and felt healthier to the touch. I love the fragrance, it captivates me and makes it much more enjoyable. Certainly a must have when you are struggling with damage and need extra nourishment.

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