meet: JANAÈ miller, CEO of Balayage


Hi, Fanola Babes!

Janae Miller is a Houston, Texas native and has been doing hair professionally for five years. Her love for artistic expression is what inspired her to become a hairstylist. It all started with tutorials she would do on her hair, and she quickly grew her social media presence and hair color business.

“Now I am blessed to share my gift with others.”

Hi, Fanola Babes!

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What made you want to become a hairstylist?

Hair color was the vehicle. I’ve been intrigued with hair color since high school. I would use hair color as a form of artistic expression, and eventually I decided I wanted to learn more about it. Plus, having a cosmetology license gave me access to the best products and education out, so it was a no brainer.

What is something that people may not know aboutyou?

I’m a woman of faith, a family person, and I am much more introverted than some would believe. JESUS is my heart, and I strive to make him the center of everything that I do. I can only hope that I’m making HIM and my family proud. You know, I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I’m learning that I have a lot of interests that I never would’ve known I had 5 years ago. I’m still exploring those passions. I’m always looking for the next challenge.

You're well known for your custom curated technique of the “Beyonce Balayage."Can you give us some insight on how that came about and how it inspired your work?

Beyonce is known for her signature money piece, dating all the way back to her Destiny’s Child days. The early 2000’s era. I’ve always loved that look. It’s yells “High fashion”. It says, “I am here”! It is sure to grab the attention of everyone around you

What is a big misconception about doing textured/relaxed/natural hair?

That textured/relaxed/natural hair is “hard” to work with. Yes, It takes a bit more patience, more respect & a bit more care, however from my experience, it is one of the most versatile hair types. It’s a pleasure to work with.

ceo of Balayage professional kit

Balayage, in my opinion, should look different from your highlights, different from your ombré or even Blonding. It is its technique, and so I like to make sure that my clients understand the difference when it comes to placement. This is a beautiful technique if you’re looking for an organic look when it grows out you will still have room for it to look good. As you can see they still look gorgeous the placement is different but is just an organic placement there’s no right or wrong. It’s very visual art. It doesn’t have the same uniformity as you would have with highlights.

"My philosophy for balayage is simplicity. Keep the application organic."

ceo of Balayage professional kit

my fanola faves In the salon & at home

Healthy Blondes on Textured hair. Manageable Hair color. Healthy Hair.

"These kits were created with you in mind! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you all for your continued love and support."

Colored With Love,
Janae Miller

my fanola faves In the salon & at home

What comes in the kit

no yellow ultra lightener

I am able to customize the lighteners consistency depending on the service. For balayage, I use a mix ratio of 1:1, to achieve a clay-like consistency. If the formula is too thick for your liking, increase to 1:1.5. For global blonde services, I like to keep it creamy, using a mix ratio of 1:2.

No Yellow 8, 9, +10 Ice

I enjoy the versatility of the ICE toners. It is my top choice when I am performing global blonding services. It is able to be paired with any volume of developer. I specifically enjoy using them as a pretoner for my blondes. Whenever I need an extra level of lift after lightening, the 9 Ice with 20 volume developer will help move past the brass. The best blondes shine best on clean levels 9 and 10. Once achieved, I seal with my last formula, using a deposit only developer. I prefer this method over double bleaching. It’s been my weapon of choice for healthy blondes

fiber fix intro kit

The Fiber Fix System is a staple for the salon. I use the bond connector inside of every Balayage or Blonde service. The shampoo is great for stabilizing the pH in the hair after a chemical service. This will ensure the hair has a healthy balance and it seals in your color. The Bond Fixer is the final step, leaving the hair soft, and it smells great Afterwards!

Keraterm shampoo, mask, +spray

The Keraterm system is the perfect complement to finalize your salon color services. It is designed to protect and maintain straight hair after chemical services and it works well on all textures. The system is enriched with quality ingredients such as keratin, karite butter, and macadamia oil. The Keraterm spray is my favorite. It doubles as a leave-in treatment and heat protectant. I prep the hair with the keraterm spray before heat styling. A little goes a long way. I use this line for heat services to help with frizz, maintain moisture, and achieve a smooth look that lasts.

What comes in the kit


I believe Balayage marches to the beat of its drum.

It wants to be respected. It has single-handedly created its lane, and in 2020 one of....if not THE, most popular hair color trend in our culture, today. It’s the perfect hybrid of traditional highlights and ombré. It allows you to have a high fashion look, all the while giving you the ease of low maintenance. The placement is very freehand and organic.

Because of this, I like to educate my clients on what Balayage has to offer and how it differs from highlights or even Blonding. It’s honestly a visual art.

BALAYAGE Maintenance

For all of my balayage clients; I use the Fanola Fiber Fix system. This is to ensure our hard work is protected! It bring the hair’s pH back to normal and locks in that color!

I believe Balayage marches to the beat of its drum.

BALAYAGE Placement

Each technique will be chosen depending on the amount of brightness you would like to see. At the salon, I have chosen to create, what I call the “Wow” balayage! I call it this because I envision peaks and shadows when it comes to my canvas. It creates the perfect amount of depth and brightness throughout the hair.

Allow me to go in-depth with what I mean. When I look at my clients head, I first start at the back. I start by taking about a 3-4 inch section of hair...just enough to pull the hair out into a 90- degree angle. It should mimic a triangle. Once that is established, I start the painting process. For the left outside section, closest to the perimeter, I will paint using slants

Next, we should now be on the inside of the head. I take another 3-4 inch section, and for this piece, I will create a plank. The last section should end on the right side perimeter. I will create another plank. This time, I will reverse it. Once this section is done, if you step will mimic a “W” pattern. Does that make sense? If not, no worries. Let’s keep making this same pattern for the entire back section of tithe hair. I continue this pattern/rhythm until I get to the front/top of the head.

Once I get towards the top of the head, I like to leave a small piece out that will act as an overlay. This will create depth, allowing my the money piece to stand out! This part, is the most important because this is where the balayage becomes tailored and customized for your clients wants.

Some may want lots of depth with a high money piece. They may want the balayage to blend into the money piece. For the front sections of the hair, I switch my technique into planks the whole way through. I really want that dramatic impact and focus of color to shine in the front. This is the first thing your client, and everyone else see’s when they walk in! They have to be a show stopper!

BALAYAGE Placement

Janae’s Color Care Kit

After Color Shampoo

Moisturizing Colour Care Shampoo enriched in Vitamin E & Linseed Oil it helps preserve the color intensity & shine, thanks to an anti-oxidizing action. Formulated with Vitamin E from Wheat Proteins & Linseed Oil, this shampoo not only preserves your hair color but keeps hair healthy & shining.

After Color Mask

The Linseed Oil & Beta Carotene found in this mask brings hair back to life by added balance to the hair. After shampooing, apply the product evenly from hair roots to ends. Let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse.

Nutricare Leave-In Spray10 Action Mask

10 Action Spray Leave-In Mask works whether you're styling damp or dry hair. It will restructure, hydrate, & nourish the hair. It will eliminate frizz and reduce your blow drying time so you can keep your hair healthy. It also protects hair from humidity & UV rays, giving it a soft and silky feel

NutriCare Oil

A hair serum that is rich in Aloe Vera & Linseed Oil Can be used daily on wet or dry hair for styling or adding shine. Start at the back of the hair with the ends and work product through.

Janae’s Color Care Kit