Meet Elii Ormond

Hi! My name is Elii aka @eliiormond on Instagram. I am a music artist, model, and creative director based in Los Angeles, California. I also have my own YouTube channel where I share a lot of behind the scenes of my life from hair to fashion and even showcasing my music. My hair journey with Fanola started in the beginning of 2021, and I’ve been using their products to upkeep my platinum blonde hair!

A Fun Fact About Me...

I had the pleasure of working with Willow Smith and appeared in her music video for “Transparent Soul”!

A Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

After Color Conditioner

The conditioner is my favorite and I always love to use this to keep my hair hydrated because my hair is bleached often.

After Color Treatment Shampoo

I love this shampoo and have been incorporating it with the conditioner into my hair care routine. It keeps my blonde hair healthy and I also love it whenever I have colored hair.

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