Fanola x James Miju

James' Master Formula kit includes the color decoder booklet to create his three iconic looks: Silver Star, Violet Vision and Born In Blue

meet: James miju

James Miju is a creative hair artist that is known for his stunning muted and metallic colors. James’ hair creation is heavily influenced by his own unique fashion taste and love of unique colors. He’s known in the industry for his curation of perfect ash tones that fades beautifully with minimal damage.

By specializing in preserving healthy hair throughout the coloring process, James has built a large loyal following of clientele who love his work.

James started doing hair when he was 16 while attending high school by day and cosmology school by night. He began his career at Carlton, a well know mall salon chain while building his repertoire and making waves with his innovation in style and color. James eventually started his own studio inside Salon Republic, then transitioned into his own creative space in the New Arts District located in downtown LA in 2019.

He applied his knowledge and expertise accumulated over 13 years of experience to create his own line of product for professional stylists. In his free time he works as a consultant for different well known beauty brands.

After being in the hair industry for over a decade, James started developing an allergic reaction to different types of chemicals and fragrance found in most salon products.

Fanola’s Oro line was the first professional line I used that didn’t cause any type of allergic reaction. The Oro’s bleach, developers, and colors don’t contain any fragrance or ammonia. The colors are also PPD free.

meet: James miju
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