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Hi, Fanola Babes!

Carlos Rojas is an inspirational and talented hairstylist located in Dallas, Texas. He is kind, smart, and will change your life once he touches your hair!

"When starting out, I didn't realize there was a lack in the market for that, that beachy brunette, because there's beachy blonde's. But getting the right mixture of that cool, neutral, and warmth is really, really important because I feel like as brunettes, we want to go really ashy with highlights sometimes, but then it turns out be too warm.

So the Brunette Blonding 101 technique I created is really about having bright accents that are maybe a little cooler with a little bit of a neutral as a mid tone and a tiny bit of warmth mixed in there so that it creates some really pretty effects on your skin."

Hi, Fanola Babes!

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When did you know you wanted to become a hairstylist?

The thing is with that one is that I started out actually not really wanting to do hair, but also I was very interested in fashion and in beauty since I was really little, but I was doing something completely different before this. So it was not until I got into my thirties that I actually started and even thinking about doing hair. So actually I came into it really later in life compared to a lot of other hairstylists, like all my other friends started off when they were 18-20, their mothers, daughters of mothers, fathers, they were all hairstylists. I started in my thirties and I just kinda thought this is something in beauty that I could do, and I hope I'm good at it, and that's pretty much it. It was something that was later in life for sure.

How do you keep energy throughout the day when you have 10 clients in one day?

I have to work out. When I have a really, really long day, I want to work out in the morning because it just keeps me going, it keeps me at good pace because you do get so, so tired. It's really intense!

If you could share one piece of advice for someone looking to follow in your footsteps, what would it be?

I think it's taking inspiration from everything, from everyone, but not being obsessed with what other people are doing. We’re so visual as artists and we’re in such a visual kind of world that I think we get obsessed with what other people are doing and then not do anything, we freeze, like we get scared of making a wrong move or we're scared of failing. Just really keeping yourself in your lane and not being so worried and not keeping so much tabs on everybody else. I think that people remember the way you make them feel for sure. I've made a lot of great friendships with a lot of great hairdressers that want to see you succeed. Just keeping your primary purpose of hair, because you're an artist and because you want to create beauty.

get to know me

My fanola faves

In the salon & at home

Overall it's just about creating a beautiful, effortless, Fiji effect for a brunette. Latin, European, Indian, and Asian brunettes, they're not all the same. So you have to attack the hair. It's really about a solution, you know, a solution to a problem. Like how are we going to achieve this? So it's like problem solving, and then you have to kind of attack it, but overall I think that the three tones really do a lot for everybody as far as the grow out.
Love Always,

Carlos Rojas

My fanola faves

In the salon & at home

brunette blonding 101 professional kit

Respect and trust the process. Just because I use all ash based products, does not mean that I want the overall look to be ash. I use Fanola to help me control the warmth and not to completely cancel it out. I believe Brunettes look the most beautiful when they have Ash, neutral, and warm tones working together in their color.

brunette blonding 101 professional kit

What comes in the kit

No Yellow ultra lightener

Slow and steady wins a race. I want to maintain hair health. I don't use more than 20 vol. Fine hair texture receives 10 vol. Coarse hair texture and hair with previous permanent color receives 10 vol No Yellow Ultra 9 Bleach

No Yellow Clay Lightener

My favorite way to use the no yellow foam is to tone extensions. Shampoo your extensions first then apply the foam until you get your desired tone.

Prestige Coloring 4.8 + 7.8

I use 7.8 as the base for the highlight or basebreak and drag it down using 4.8 (how much i use depends on how dark their natural level is) I might only use these colors for the basebreak depending on how light they want the overall color to be

No Yellow 8 Ice + S.1202

I use this for a highlight to add dimension. I use S1322 as a base and then drag it with S1202 (The lighter the brunettes’ natural color is, the more S1202 I use)

Vegan No Orange Shampoo + Mask

I love for my clients to use this once a week either as a conditioner or a mask to leave in your hair for 5min I love that its nourishes and tones

What comes in the kit

home hair care 101 kit

Two powerhouse products:

Fanola Incredible No Yellow Conditioner and Vegan No Orange Shampoo The No Yellow Foam is formulated with a vibrant violet pigment that cancels out yellow tones for bleached, blonde, balayage, baby lights and grey hair. Vegan No Orange will be used to soften up brass tones (unwanted warmth) and to create a better grow out as my clients color toning glaze washes out.

Two powerhouse products:

What comes in the kit

incredible No Yellow Foam

Vegan toning foam conditioner formulated with a special violet pigment to neutralize reflections.
Platinum Hair: 1-3 minutes
Golden Blonde: 3-5 minutes

Vegan No Orange shampoo

Special blue pigment tones down unwanted orange hues and neutralizes undesired copper and red reflections. Coconut Oil found in the product helps the hair when toning out unwanted orange hues. The rich, concentrated formula with Pea Protein contains a novel technology that provides all the benefits of hydrolyzed proteins.

Nutricare Bi-phase spray

Leave-In Conditioner, enriched in Keratin and Milk Proteins that disentangles and hydrates the hair fiber. Can be used on damp hair by spraying directly on hair then working the product into the hair. Focused away from the roots when applying, this will help with not adding grease or oil.

nutricare mask

Restructuring mask that is rich in Milk Proteins. After shampooing, dab excess water & apply evenly on hair. Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse.

botugen spray

Reconstructive filler spray for brittle and damaged hair enriched in Keratin. Spray evenly on towel-dried hair, near dry hair along the whole length, massage and then proceed to style. If a hot styling tool is going to be used subsequently, spray the product on hair again.