Meet April

Hi, I'm April aka @april_the_grey!! I’m an actor, model, burlesque performer, hairstylist, salon owner and new mama! I was born in Chicago, where my dad was raised, but then moved to Philadelphia where my mom is from and left there when I was about 25 and headed for LA! I came out here with my band (my hubby was also in the band) just for fun, but we loved it and decided to stay. I was a licensed hair stylist in Philly but decided to get licensed out here to see if the passion for hair was still there and it was. But, my passion for performing also grew, so I started really focusing on my love of dance and burlesque and created my persona, April Showers! This eventually led me to be cast as the burlesque dancer in the film, ‘The Love Witch’! Such an incredible experience that was! I love burlesque, but I wanted to expand and get more into acting and modeling. I had always wanted to do improv, so I joined Second City and fell in love! I went through the entire conservatory program. During my time at Second City, I got to perform in so many improv shows as well as a 7 month run in the scetch show, ‘Some F*cking Advice’! It was a dream come true.

Fun Fact About Me...

I think if you’re new to following me, you’d be surprised to know that I have about 9 burlesque awards/titles and I am the featured burlesque dancer in the hit film, ‘The Love Witch’! I still pinch myself with that one!

Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

Fanola Fiber Fix

This duo is perfect for a deeper conditioning and protection and to help my newly, more brittle hair. I’m a new mom, my son, Grey Wolf is 6months old and my hair has changed! It’s more brittle and I’ve been dealing with postpartum hair loss. This helps fight that as much as possible on the outside, while my hormones do crazy things on the inside!

Fanola Energizing Prevention Anti Hair Loss Lotion

My final fave. Again, being a new mama has really effected my hair. I massage this into my scalp after every shampoo/condition day. I am seeing loads of new hairs and less breakage and my hair is feeling stronger.

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