Meet Amanda Ludwig

Hi, my name is Amanda from Philadelphia, PA! I’ve been a hairstylist for 10 years. Balayage and lived-in hair is my jam. I love seamless growouts because I love my clients get to rock their hair for way longer! Working with brands and products I believe in is key for me.  I only recommend products I believe in, it’s truly so important to me. I wake up everyday reminding myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by people I love, an amazing career, and a beautiful world to live in.

Fun Fact About Me: I have an Australian/ German Shepherd mix named Memphis!

My Fanola Journey

My journey with Fanola actually started over quarantine this past Spring. Seeing their posts and working with their products have been such a blessing. Working with a product line I strongly believe in is SO important.

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My Fanola Journey

My Favorites

Vegan No Orange Shampoo

I also love Vegan No Orange for my brunettes. It takes the tang and brass out of my carmel tones.

Fanola Fiber Fix

Fiber Fix Shampoo is amazing for blondes that might be feeling a bit dry and damaged.

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