Meet Alexandra

Hi Everyone! My name is Alexandra :) I’m A Toronto based content creator. I have a YouTube channel where I do clothing hauls, reviews and show my everyday life in vlogs. I tested out some Fanola products a few months ago and it quickly became a staple in my routine! I love the way the products keep my hair not only healthy, but soft and shiny also. Seriously, I can’t wait for you to try out some of my faves!

A Fun Fact About Me...

I’ll never say no to a cupcake!

A Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

This hair oil helps my hair become so smooth and shiny (bonus : it also smells great.) A little goes a long way so be careful not to use to much! I use it mostly on my ends and it makes a big difference!

Fanola Keraterm Hair Ritual anti-frizz disciplining mask

MY HOLY GRAIL! I absolutely love this hair mask. I have tried other brands and they don’t compare to this mask! Great price and product. I use it on my wavy/straight hair and my mom uses it on her super curly hair, we both LOVE it. I can rave about this product for​ever. It leaves your hair soft, smells great and less frizzy!

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