Meet Alana Gomez

Hi! I’m Alana and I’m a Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle influencer. I’m based in Newport Beach, California. You can catch me taking #OOTD pics or having the cutest picnics on the beach. I’m Chinese, Filipino, Mexican, German, and Spanish. I love making latte’s, hanging out with my dog Chanel, and traveling!

A Fun Fact About Me...

I used to be a professional Hula dancer for 8 years!

A Fun Fact About Me...

My Favorites

Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

Not only does it smell amazing but with just one pump it completely hydrates & puts a shine in my hair! I like to use it when my hair is damp before I blow dry & even after as well!

Nutri Care Restructuring Shampoo

And Nutri Care Conditioner. I love these items because I always need help with keeping my hair moisturized and healthy and these two do just that!

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