Meet Adam Ryan

Hi, my name is Adam and I am a hairstylist from Halfmoon, NY! I have been doing hair for 5 years now and my specialty is color! Can't believe it's already been that long. I truly have wanted to do hair ever since I was a little boy and ever since beauty school I was so intrigued with color and the science behind it, it is something that came very naturally for me! 

What I love the most is creating a natural lived in look. My clients are always mentioning at the end of the service that their hair looks so natural! Some of my clients can go months and their hair still looks beautiful!! Maintaining the health and integrity of my clients hair is the most important thing to me! A day out of the salon for me could be me just relaxing at home all day with my 3 pups which is my favorite thing ever, love them so much! Sundays I always like to wind down. We all need those days!

Fun Fact About Me...

I am a HUGE foodie!! I could eat out at a restaurant every night! Especially in NYC! I love it so much and I love trying all new foods, but if I had to choose Asian cuisine is definitely my favorite! I'm not the best cook but I can definitely order a fire meal - haha!

Something random that I value and love is music! Music is one of the most important and powerful things in my life. I think my life would be empty without it. It really can help me get through anything, whether it be to de-stress, relax , or to just motivate! Being able to relate and follow my favorite artists from the beginning of their career is very special to me. You know the music is always blaring in the salon!!

Fun Fact About Me...

My Fanola Journey

I discovered Fanola while I was attending hair school. It was all over social media! But I could never get my hands on it! Fell in love once I was finally able to get everything! My favorite part of the journey with Fanola so far has been recently this year where I have connected with the brand. They have shown me so much love and I’m so happy that they see the passion that I have for hair! I am very grateful for the opportunity to do this and work with an amazing company with amazing people!

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My Fanola Journey

My Favorites

Vegan No Yellow Purple Shampoo or Mask

The No Yellow and No Orange shampoo are amazing! I always have them on my back bar and they fly off my retail shelf! These are great for my blonde clients who like to maintain the tone of their hair. I love that they are super pigmented! Fun Tip: I love applying to dry hair so you get full penetration of the product!

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