Major Hair Reset

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In need of a major hair reset after Quarantine? You've come to the right place. This set includes 5 best sellers work together in harmony to balance and strengthen your strands back to health. 

Plus, we threw in a FREE HAIR TAMER BRUSH for easy detangling. 


  • Fiber Fix Shampoo + Bond Connector: the ultimate hair healing duo that will repair and strengthen the chemical and physical bonds in your hair shaft
  • Nutri Care Oil: a serum with hair-strengthening ingredients like Aloe Vera, 
  • Nutri Care Mask: This restructuring mask works deeper to heal individual strands, smooth breakages and keep your stressed hair nourished, silky, and soft.
  • Nutricare 10 Action Spray: Whether you're styling damp or dry hair, this spray will restructure, hydrate, and nourish the hair, giving it a soft and silky texture. It will eliminate frizz and reduce your blow drying time to keep hair healthy. It also provides a continuous protection from humidity and UV rays. You can also wrap your hair and go to sleep with it in for an overnight reconstructive treatment.
  • Wet Brush: Skip painful hair brushing by eliminating all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. Use it on dry or wet hair to create the perfect transition from wash to style.
  • 3 - Clear Hair Tamer Rings

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