Wanna Let your Hair down like J.Z. Styles? Learn How!

This week we are celebrating the brilliant and inspirational Jessi Gish aka JZ Styles! Jessi is the perfect example of a person doing everything and anything to live out her passion. Jessi began beauty school in 2011 and because of certain events, had to move closer to home which unfortunately led to her credits not transferring, resulting in her completely starting over. The beauty industry can be rough and Jessi embodies nothing but endurance, strength and fearless pursuit of her passion for hair. As she was up and coming out of beauty school, Jessi faced endless bullying and criticism; it was so bad at one point that a stylist she once called mentor told her to quit hairdressing. Shocked by all this negativity, she began to question whether hair was the career path she should take on.

After all the backlash, one would typically walk away but the discouragement ignited a fire within Jessi to push on, to let her hair down and continue to pursue her passion. She began to work harder building her clientele, refine and precise her craft, and make herself known on Instagram. The push back that was meant to defeat her, gave her more motivation to work harder, which eventually turned into the opportunity to buy a home and opened her first location of JZ Styles Salon and a year later, grew her business by adding JZ Styles Hair Extensions.

Jessi has the “can’t stop, won't stop” mindset that we all admire; she has been a hair stylist for 8 years and the products of her hard work has earned her operating both businesses and being a successful traveling educator. As Jessi’s business started to become bigger she moved into a larger salon and with the help of her sister, she expanded her love for hair and created a hair extension company during her second year of owning her salon. Currently Jessi is highly involved with educating fellow stylists, she travels about 2-3 times a month throughout the US to teach. In the midst of her education classes, Jessi has developed an education class that focuses on hair extension methods and certification. Since the high success for Jessi continues, as of early spring 19’, Jessi moved onto salon #3 which is larger and includes a retail area, lash and esthetic room, lounge area, and a loft that will serve as an office that outlooks the entire salon. Another unique feature that Jessi incorporated into her newest salon is the innovative education center that allows stylists to have a unique, hands on learning experience.

While on the road educating other stylists and at her home business, Jessi can’t go without her Fanola Vegan No Yellow Shampoo. “It is literally unlike any purple shampoo I have ever used. It is incredible for hair extensions and blonde hair. This shampoo is my number one go-to when we use it at the salon. It’s literally one dip into the purple shampoo bath and the extensions are perfect”. Jessi strives to educate and encourage other stylists, so let your hair down and create!