Top 5 Fanola Formulas by Professional Artists

Fanola Formulas are always a stylists go-to when wanting to create something wonderful. So, we went through all of our Fanola Formulas and chose the top 5 that create the best colors using all of our products, and wanted to share them with you!

1. Violet hair by @monarchhairco

Violet hair is gorgeous when done right. This artist used a couple of Fanola products to achieve this perfect ashy violet look.

The Process:

- Lightened with the Fanola Oro Gold Therapy Bleaching Powder

- Then pre-toned with our Vegan No Yellow Shampoo, and toned using T.21 and 8 ICE from our No Yellow color line

- Then, Fiber Fix was added into the formulation to protect and heal the client's hair bond.

Try this formula to achieve violet perfection!

2. Rosy Pink by @ultrafadebyrich and

Cute and spunky are two words that could describe this pink look.

To achieve this Rosy Pink hair:

- The client's hair was lifted to a level 9/10.

-The hair was then pre-toned with the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, then the artist proceeded to apply the toners.

- Formula 1 (Roots): Prestige 5.1 (50g) + 6.1 (50g) + 3.5-volume developer (1:2)

- Formula 2 (Ends): Prestige 9.0 (60g) + Fanola R.66 Red Booster (4g) + 3.5-volume developer (1:2)

The hair was then processed for about 20 minutes after application.

This Fanola Formula will give you a rose look perfect for any time of year!

3. Lilac metallic silver by @hairbybiancarose

Lilac on hair is by far one of the most beautiful colors someone can get. For this Lilac Metallic Silver look, the artist:

 Achieve Lilac Metallic Silver with: 

Fanola Oro Gold Therapy Bleaching Powder + 10vol as well as lifted her level seven base with the same formula.

- The artist then applied 4.14 at the base and melted 9.2F + 8.2F with a drop of violet intensifier through mid shaft and ends.

- Then, the hair was rinsed with the No Orange mask.

Your hair will thank you when using this Fanola Formula to achieve your lilac dreams.

4. Silver blonde by @richieelewinski

Silver, blonde, and beautiful!

For this silver blonde look the artist:

-First started bleaching out her roots with Fanola Oro Therapy Bleaching Powder with 10vol in the back and 10 and 20 in the front.

-Then the hair was sectioned out in 1” sections. The artist then saturated all the sections halfway and incubated them with foil. (Fanola ultra violet lightener,20vol)

- In the last 20 minutes he saturated all the ends with bleach and put her in the process cap.

- It was toned with Fanola Roots: 8.1 + 8.2f (prestige line) Mids/Ends : 10ICE + T.02+ 11.7

Try this formula out to get that perfect middle in-between blonde and silver!

The artist who created this masterpiece, Richiee Anguiano will be holding a Fanola class in Stockton, CA on July 22, 2019. If you can make it, you can purchase your tickets HERE.

5. Ashed out by @khietluu

Ashed out with a hint of color!

This ashed out look was achieved by starting at the roots with:

- Prestige 8.11 (25g) + 8.2F (5g) + a pinch of blue + 3.5 vol.

Then, at the Mids/Ends with

-Prestige 10.11 (20g) + 9.2F (5g) + a pinch of blue + 3.5 vol.

This formula will create that perfect ash that you've been wanting!

The artist who created this beautiful look, Khiet Luu will be holding a Fanola class in Honolulu, HI on October 14th, 2019. If you are able to make it you can purchase your tickets HERE.

Follow these top 5 Fanola Formulas to create these great looks using all fanola products!