Should I Use Blue Shampoo or Purple Shampoo on My Hair?

A frequently asked question we get here at Fanola HQ is what the difference between No Yellow and No Orange Shampoo is. Our Fanola Ambassador Josie Vilay is here to help explain the difference between both!

"I like to use No Yellow Vegan Shampoo on my level 6-8 (clients) with brass and my No Orange Shampoo on my platinum's to keep them bright and white - especially on extensions where the porosity of the hair can sometimes soak up a lot of the purple pigment." -Josie Vilay

The No Yellow Shampoo has a PURPLE pigment for canceling YELLOW tones in light blonde or silver hair. This is better suited on high level blondes 8-10! The No Orange Shampoo has a BLUE pigment for canceling ORANGE or RED tones in dark blonde or brunette hair. If you have platinum blonde hair, you can use No Orange for an “icy” look!

Here's a video of Fanola Ambassador Josie Vilay giving you the visual breakdown and showing the difference between No Yellow and No Orange Shampoo.