living coral: achieve the pantone color of the year using Fanola oro masks

Color me coral! Coral is the Pantone color of the year and Fanola couldn't be more excited!

We love the new Pantone color of the year so much, that we found a way to create it using our fabulous Oro Masks. Mixing our 3 Fanola Oro Masks, Gold, Rosa, and Fuchsia created the beautiful color in 3 variations when used with the right mixing ratio's. Here is a list of 3 fun corals you can achieve using our amazing Oro Masks!

Vivid Coral

This look is great if you want a deep bright coral. This mixture of the Oro Masks will enhance the vibrancy and create a coral color so bright you'd think it was straight out of the ocean!

For this vivid beauty your Fanola Formula would be:

  • 70% Gold + 10% Rosa + 20% Fuchsia

Classic Coral

Classic is always in no matter the color! Classic coral is the color you want if you want don't want your coral too bright or too light. It is a fun color that will definitely grab peoples attention and remind everyone what the color of the year is!

For this classic look your Fanola Formula would be:

  • 80% Gold + 5% Rosa + 15% Fuchsia

Pastel Coral

Pastel is the younger, sweeter sister of classic coral. Pastel coral gives a light energy to your hair while also keeping it classy and spunky. This color will have you feeling feel soft and dainty, but also trendy and confident!

For this pastel look your Fanola Formula would be:

90% Gold + 5% Rosa + 5% Fuchsia

Fanola Babes all want the Pantone color of the year on their hair so make sure to get your Fanola Oro Color Masks before they're all gone!

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