guess WHAT YOU'VE MISSED? James Miju fANOLA Master Class! No Panic, We've Got The Tea...

We had another great Fanola Hair Care Education Class, hosted by SalonGuys at our headquarters in Sacramento, CA with our Artistic Director, James Miju, also known on Instagram as Dear Miju. James focused this class around the Fanola No Yellow and Oro Therapy color lines and Fanola No Yellow Ultra Lightener.

Class Day:

Class began at 10am starting with introductions of the Oro Therapy color line which is James’ favorite line to use at his personal salon that he just opened in Los Angeles, California. Mindy, known as Mindy.n on Instagram, came along to help James with class and first began to mix the No Yellow Ultra Lightener with 30-VOL in one bowl and in another bowl, combined the Oro Therapy Bleaching Powder with 30-VOL. The next step was to begin to ombre Lana’s hair using the No Yellow bleach while explaining his technique during application. Next, James went back over some of the sections from prep day, saturating with the Oro Bleaching Powder to bring the lift higher on the head.

When this process was finished, the class took a break for the bleach to set in and to enjoy lunch. Once lunch was finished, James and Mindy checked the foils to see that there were a few sections that was not yet ready so they applied more bleach to get the desired lift. After 20 minutes, the model’s hair was ready to be rinsed with Fiber Fix Shampoo and then applied the Fiber Fix Bond Connector which was left on the hair as a base for the toner to be applied over.

Now comes time for the mixing of the color formula which was:

  • Mids: 5.1 (60g) + 4.2 (3g) + 10-vol (94g) +Vegan No Yellow Mask (30g)
  • Ends: 8 ICE (80g) + Vegan No Yellow Mask (40g) + 3.5-vol (60g) + 10-vol (60g)

Once the color was painted on and set for 45 minutes, Mindy rinsed out the color from Lana’s hair while James stayed upfront to answer questions and get to know everyone who attended the class. As Lana came back to the front, James applied the Oro Bi-Phase Spray and Smooth Care oil to her hair and then Mindy blow dried and styled Lana’s newly colored hair.

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