Fanola Education Class With Carlos Rojas of Dallas Texas

Beach Blanket Brunnette Fanola Master Class with Carlos


Carlos’ class was held in Dallas,TX where he had the opportunity to teach his first Fanola Education Class that focused on brunettes. Carlos is known for his balayage techniques and face framing.

Carlos is very interactive with the class, he made sure to verbally greet everyone and engage in intentional conversation so he may get to know the people that were sitting in on his class. This created a welcoming and warm atmosphere that made it comfortable for people to ask any and all questions. Few of the people attended only had experienced Fanola through the use of the Vegan No yellow Shampoo and what really drew them to take this class was their fascination with Fanola and the energy Carlos gives off on his Instagram.

Class began with Carlos explaining what Fanola is and what products we offer, then he led into explaining the model’s current hair situation and the goals of the class. This class focused on brunettes wanting to go lighter but not completely blonde, adding dimension and how stylists can sometimes lose track of that sight. Carlos had his assistant, Michael, mix the No Yellow Cream Lightener with the 30-VOL developer for the mids to the ends of the hair.

The question “Why would you use a purple based bleach when you are not lifting a brunette so high?” Carlos then explained that the consistency of the based bleach is what he wanted for lifting and the purple will help remove certain warm tones, once he colors, there will not be more he needs to breakthrough.

Carlos finished applying the bleach using foils throughout the hair and while the model’s hair was processing, the class enjoyed lunch. When it was time to gather everyone back up, the entire class went to the shampoo bowl where Carlos began to rinse the bleach out of the hair and then pre-toned with the No Orange Shampoo. After spending about fifteen minutes at the shampoo bowl, the model returned to the styling chair where Michael started to mix the colors that were about to be applied.


  • No Yellow 8 icee with 20-VOL for a slight lift to the roots
  1. Prestige 7.1 (5g) + 7.8 (5g) with 3.5-VOL for the mids to the ends of the hair

Carlos then applied the color to the hair and processed for 45 minutes and had Michael take the model back to the shampoo bowl and rinse her hair out with the full Nutri Care line. While Michael was rinsing, Carlos stayed up front answering any questions people had and doing fun giveaways.

Before styling, Carlos used the Nutri care Leave In-Spray Mask, Nutri Care Oil and the Styling Tools Thermo Shield to help nourish and protect the model’s freshly colored hair.

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