FCP Spotlight - Traci Nguyen

FCP Spotlight - Traci Nguyen

Our Fanola Fam includes so many hardworking and empowering creatives. At the core of our community, are the artists and stylists that work to fine tune their craft, educate their community and leave their clients looking and feeling their best self. One of those epic stylists is our Fanola Color Professional Traci Nguyen, from Monrovia, California.

Traci is a part of our FCP family, a group of stylists that lead the pack on innovative color techniques and education. Our team member Jessica got to chat, virtually of course, with Traci to learn more about her work and her success in our FCP program...

The Interview:

Jessica: What services do you specialize in?

Tracy: I specialize in extensions, balayage, ombre, babylights and blonding ethnic with hair integrity as the main priority of all color services.

J: What are your go-to back bar and hair care products?

T: The top products I recommend from is the Vegan No Yellow and No Orange, and the Nutri Care Restructuring Mask. I love the consistency, scent, and pigmentation of the Vegan line: it’s vegan but it packs a punch! It’s honestly the best toning shampoo I have ever tried, and I have tried plenty.

Fanola’s Vegan line stands out because it does not leave hair feeling dry, and a little goes a long way due to its pigmentation. The masks are also great because they leave hair super hydrated and moisturized. Whether you have virgin hair or chemically treated, Fanola has a mask for every need. I make sure my back bar and the retail shelves are stocked with these items. Fanola is my GO-TO. I also love to use Fanola’s Botugen treatment on my blondes. It leaves the hair follicles feeling very plump, it’s like botox for hair. 

J: Out of the 3 color lines we offer, what's your favorite? 

T: I use the Prestige line, I love its pigmentation and the longevity of the color. It also leaves the hair feeling super soft and shiny.

J: How did you find success with your FCPCode?

T: SOCIAL MEDIA! I love to share videos featuring my favorite Fanola products and inserting my FCP code along with it for both stylists and clients. 

J: How do you build trust with your clientele?

The best way to get your clients to purchase products from you is by building trust. ONLY promote or retail products you have tried and stand by! I like to educate my guests on products and give them my personal experiences with different products I have tried. Make sure you also use products you are retailing on your clients. Quality over Quantity. I only recommend the stuff I love to use and my clients see and appreciate that.

Traci’s “No Box Dye” Oath

Box dye is a big NO from me and all my guests. Starting from the very first service, I will educate my clients on WHY drug store products aren’t the best for our hair. The ingredients in store-bought products are completely different from Professional lines at the salon. Although a lot of drug store products have the term “professional” on them, the ingredients are significantly different and do not deliver the same results.

In many cases, it drastically changes their hair color and texture. I tell my clients to never sell themselves short when they buy drug store products because they are cheating themselves by stripping their hair color and moisture while causing build-up from parabens and other filler ingredients. Investing in a high-quality product is all they really need.

On Listening To Your Stylist’s Recommendations

Everyone’s hair is different. It’s best to follow your stylists’ recommendations because it’s their specialty, this is our passion and field of study. Trust your stylist and what they have to offer. At the end of the day, we all want your hair to look and feel just as beautiful as when you left the salon! We want your hair to look its best even when you haven’t seen us in a while. It’s actually our name you are wearing around town.