FCP Spotlight: Lily Cadena

FCP Spotlight: Lily Cadena

Our FCP spotlight is Lily Cadena. She is currently at two locations! San Jose, CA at My Stylist Salon and Carmel, CA at Evolve Salon.

Her specialty: 

My specialty at this point is color, something I’ve been passionate about since cosmetology school. I’ve been lucky enough to have great mentors through my career to guide me in the direction I want go. 

On her top Fanola products she recommends to clients: 

I always recommend the Vegan No Yellow and Vegan No Orange shampoo sets. I absolutely love them and so do my clients. We all love these products because of the results we get. I’m excited to try the foam as well! I hope you have a blue foam in the works! 

Fanola products she uses in the salon:

I love using the Nutri Care Restructuring Fluid Crystals on just about every client, especially after a client has gone through a color service. I use it to prep the hair for blow drying and also use it to set the hair after styling. My clients love it! It’s one of the easiest selling products, it literally sells itself. My clients not only love the way it feels but the smell is incredible as well. 

On how she is spreading the FCP word: 

I’ve mainly been using Instagram as a platform to generate sales. It’s fast, easy, and effective. I know people like to see how a product works and there’s so much Fanola information on social media platforms. One thing I have done is I’ve utilized some Fanola Instagram posts to my advantage, I will usually repost a story or post so that clients can see how a products works. I feel like that strategy has really worked for me.

Not only have I included my code in my bio but I also incorporate it in my posts and stories. I try very hard not to come off “sales-y” and try to be more educational. As professionals, we forget that clients aren’t aware of the latest products or what products to use and how to properly use them, so that’s where we come in. 

Who she's sharing it with: 

I’ve shared it with just about anyone and everyone. I have not only shared it with colleagues and clients, I’ll share it with complete strangers too. You just never know who needs a bit of help or advice.

Her tips on getting clients away from box dye and drugstore shampoos: 

Right now that a lot of us are still in quarantine and a lot of people don’t have access to toners, it’s easy to let a client know which products will help with toning their hair. The shampoos, conditioners, and foam are so easy to use and benefit my clients so I always remind them how helpful these products can be. My clients know the importance of staying away from products that will be counterproductive to their hair goals so they know not to go for the drugstore products. 

On her specific recommendations: 

I will always consult with my client as to what issues they have with their hair and try to help them find the right product that will help solve the issue. It’s something that clients really appreciate and it builds a trust when it comes to product recommendation. It’s about listening to your clients needs and fulfilling their needs.

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