FCP Spotlight - Katie Austin

FCP Spotlight - Katie Austin

Her Instagram name says it all: Katie Austin really is a hair goddess. Katie’s killer talent turns her client's hair dreams into a reality and, as one of our FCP’s, she's showing her community of clients and fellow stylists the power of epic hair care in and out of the salon... 

  • Where She Works Behind The Chair - I am located in Lodi, CA at Flawlous 
  • Katie’s Expertise - My specialty is color, particularly balayage & color correction.  

  • Her Fanola Faves - I always tell my clients after receiving a color service to maintain their color with Fanola Nutri Care Shampoo and Conditioner or After Color Shampoo and Conditioner to keep their hair healthy and help the color from fading. I also recommend they use the Nutri Care 10 Leave-in Spray after they towel dry their hair and then put Nutri Care Restructuring Serum. If they are blonde, I will recommend them to use No Yellow Shampoo once a week for 5 minutes in their hair to keep their hair from turning brassy. 
  • Her Go-to Fanola Color Series - I use the Fanola Prestige color line mostly, but I also use the Fanola No Yellow line. 

  • Botox For Hair - In the salon, I love to use Fanola’s Botugen treatment on my blondes. It leaves the hair follicles feeling very plump, it’s like botox for hair.
  • Spreading The FCP Word - I am sharing my FCP code right now through social media, on my Instagram stories, and directly with clients/ followers when they ask what products I recommend to them.
  • Tips on getting clients to buy - Getting my clients to purchase the products I recommend is easy, because all I have to do is use it on their hair and they want it. They love the way it smells and how it makes their hair feel. 


I keep my clients away from drugstore shampoos by telling them the truth which is that the shampoo will fade their hair color and dry their hair out over time. I keep my clients away from a box dye, by telling them the effects of box dye and also the process that they will have to go through to get their color back if they do box dye it. But Basically, once you get a client’s trust they will trust you with any recommendations you give them.

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