FCP Spotlight: Brandi Ritberger

FCP Spotlight: Brandi Ritberger

Fanola is proud to work with amazing, hardworking Fanola Color Professionals. Our Fanola Color Professionals are a team of stylists that guide the way in innovative color techniques, and education. Today, we are highlighting our sweet and talented Fanola Color Professional, Brandi Ritberger. She is from Copper and Ivy Salon in Rocklin, California. Brandi has attended all of our Fanola classes and has played an integral role in the growth and development of Fanola education. Our Fanola Account Manager, Sonja got to chat virtually with Brandi on her work and her position in the FCP Program! 


On her passion:

My passion for the last 10 years is color! Specifically reds, fashion colors & color correction. 


On the Fanola products she recommends to clients:

I have so many favorite Fanola products to recommend my clients but my top faves are the No Orange/No Yellow masks for my blondes, brunettes & silvers, I'm obsessed with the Oro Therapy Color masks (I use the red one to maintain my own color), the Fiber Fix system is amazing for all chemically treated or bleach hair, the Botugen system is my holy grail for ultra distressed hair, the Nutricare Serum & Bi-phase Restructuring leave in conditioner are also a necessity for all color treated hair. It's very important to me that my clients use these because I want their hair to look and feel its best inbetween salon visits.  Treatments go hand in hand with color!


How have you been sharing your FCP code?

I have been sharing my FCP code with my clients, followers, friends & family. I share my code mostly through texting directly and with Instagram - in my DMs, on my stories, & bio. I send personalized recommendation links for each client and let them know about the added discount & speedy shipping. 



On ways she keeps clients away from box dye and drugstore shampoos:

The majority of my salon guests come to me with medium to long hair in need of some major TLC & of course they want to bleach it to put some pretty colors, usually on a budget. I frequently encounter box colored hair. As colorists we cannot assume our clients know anything about chemistry or product knowledge. I never ever want to intimidate, shame or embarrass them about box coloring or using drugstore shampoo. 


I want to instill a message ultimately that I CARE. I care about the health of their hair. I care about their color lasting. I want their color looking fabulous as long as humanly possible. I want their hair to feel just as good as it did when they first got it done on the day they come back for a retouch.  If they know why you care so much they are more likely to take your advice & buy that bottle of Fanola shampoo you recommended. I believe it's a vital part of our job to listen to their concerns & educate our clients about using the right products during our consultation. We come up with a regimen together that fits their lifestyle.  

On how she achieved this beautiful transformation: 


1. Prelighten with Fanola No Yellow 9 level lightener + 10vol with Fiber Fix no1 - For this look I did just a partial leaving out a few pieces of her previous red for dimension & depth. 
2. Base: 20g 7.0 + 10g 5.22 + 5g 6.5 + 52g 3.5vol 
3. Ends: 30g No Yellow Color T.Rose + 1 dot T.Vio + 60g 3.5 vol 
4. After shampooing apply Oro Therapy Rosa + Fuchsia mask (equal parts) all over for 5 minutes.  


Recommended after care: 

Oro Therapy Rosa / Fuchsia mask
After Color shampoo or Fiber Fix shampoo
Fiber Fix no2 treatment
Botugen Filler spray / Nutricare Biphase leave in conditioner
Nutricare Serum / Oro Puro Diamante Serum. 

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