Vegan No Yellow Fact Check

Vegan No Yellow Fact Check

We all know Vegan No Yellow Shampoo is top tier purple shampoo, but how do you know you're using it correctly? Is it a normal shampoo? Is it going to turn your hair purple? 

Fanola is here to answer all of your common Vegan No Yellow questions, and guide you through on how to use our iconic purple shampoo!

First off, let's start with our frequently asked questions:

What is Vegan No Yellow?

Vegan No Yellow is our Insta-famous purple shampoo that all the cool blondes are using. It's made with bilberries and formulated with a vibrant violet pigment, which cancels out yellow tones for bleached, blonde, balayage, baby-lights, and grey hair. It is NOT a hair dye, and it is not intended to dye your hair purple. It works best on hair with levels 8-10. If you're blonde and you want some purple tint in your hair, you can leave it in for more than five minutes for a lavender or purple hue that will last you a few washes.  

How often should I use Vegan No Yellow?

We do not recommend using Vegan No Yellow everyday. We recommend using Vegan No Yellow Shampoo every 3rd-4th wash for your hair to become the yellow free icy look it deserves to be!

Does Vegan No Yellow count as an everyday shampoo?

No, Vegan No Yellow Shampoo is not your normal shampoo to use on the daily. We recommend using your cleansing shampoo to clean your scalp before you apply Vegan No Yellow. If you are looking for an everyday shampoo to use before you apply Vegan No Yellow, we recommend using our Nutri Care Restructuring Shampoo

Will The Vegan No Yellow lighten my black hair? 

No, The Vegan No Yellow is a toning shampoo and there are no lightening capabilities in the shampoo. Your hair will receive a lighter effect since it removes the yellow tones to show the true blonde reflections underneath. Since this shampoo is a blonde only item, if you have dark hair this one isn't for you sis. The tone will last in your hair for 1-2 weeks, so make sure to maintain your color by adding Vegan No Yellow into your hair care routine. 

Will No Yellow help eliminate brass from my hair?

This is a common misconception but no. Vegan No Yellow helps in eliminating yellow reflections from your hair. The word brass is in reference to warm tones like orange, red, and copper - this is where our Vegan No Orange comes in handy. Vegan No Yellow is to remove yellow and Vegan No Orange removes brass (orange).  It all goes back to the color wheel: yellow is across from purple and orange (brass) is across from blue.

What is the difference between Vegan No Yellow and Original No Yellow?

If you're an OG No Yellow fan, you know that Fanola has our Original No Yellow Shampoo as well. Our original No Yellow Shampoo also gets rid of your yellow tones on blonde hair, just like our Vegan No Yellow does. Though, our Vegan No Yellow is our new, improved, cleaner, vegan, and overall healthier purple shampoo for your hair. Our Vegan No Yellow has the same pigment as our Original but works better to stick to your hair and is sulfates, paraben, and silicone free! 

How do I use Vegan No Yellow? 

Our Fanola Artistic Director James Miju does a wonderful demonstration on how to use the Vegan No Yellow Shampoo and explains all the tips and tricks you need to know to get yellow free hair!

Check his video out here: 

Our Fanola Artist, Richiee Anguiano shows us how much Vegan No Yellow makes a difference in this tutorial where he tones extensions:  

And there you have it, all the facts are checked and you're ready to try Vegan No Yellow Shampoo! Enjoy! 

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