Your Fanola Product Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Fanola Product Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac says a lot about you, even so much about your hair type and hair needs. Want to know what your zodiac sign says about the Fanola product you should be using? We got you!


Aquarius: Purity Shampoo

You're an assertive, analytical, and independent babe. Just like the Purity Shampoo you're ready to take on problems head first and fix them ASAP. Your friends look to you for guidance and you're always down for some humanitarian duties. Helping others is your calling! 


Aries: Energy Shampoo

Passionate, motivated, and cheerful are the main 3 characteristics about you Aries. Just like the Energy Shampoo, you help others grow and become more themselves. You're confident and the natural born leader we all need in our friend group. 


Cancer: Smooth Care Serum

Sensitive, caring, and intuitive. Just like the Smooth Care Serum, you are smooth sailing when needed to be, and loyal and protective all at the same time. Your emotional depth is outstanding and never overlooked. 


Capricorn: Smooth Care Shampoo

Smooth Care Shampoo is ambitious, disciplined, responsible AF, and so are you Capricorn. You are resourceful, smart, and your friends would describe you as the workaholic on. Just like Smooth Care you can get the job done fast!

Gemini: Diamante Puro

You're adaptable, outgoing, and intelligent. Gemini and Diamante are always down for a challenge and never give up when the going gets tough. You're both versatile which is a trait of yours that your friends and family love and adore. 


Leo: Volumizing Shampoo 

Strong, brave, and creative. Just like the Volumizing Shampoo you're creative when handling situations and are strong enough to handle whatever life throws at you! You and the Volumizing Shampoo will always courageous and outgoing! 


Libra: Rebalance Shampoo

Fair, diplomatic, and balanced. Libra, you and the Rebalance Shampoo are the level headed one in the friend group and hair care routine we can always count on. You're a boss who doesn't let anyone or anything stand in your way!


Pisces: After Color Shampoo

Pisces, you and After Color are ready to help anyone in need. You're empathetic, and intuitive. You can sense when someone needs your help and are always down to fix the problem in the most compassionate and kindest way possible. 


Sagittarius: Nutri Care Restructuring Serum

The life of the party, and the popular sign and serum! Sag, and the Nutri Care Serum are everyones favorite because you're witty, straightforward, adventurous, and fun. You're not afraid to do and say what others are afraid to which we all need and love. 


Scorpio: Oro Color Mask

Just like the Oro Color Mask, Scorpio you're determined. Whether your determined to get a job done or change your hair color, you are always in control. You're not afraid to speak your mind and ask for what you want, being assertive is what you were born to do and you don't plan on stoping anytime soon!


Taurus: No Orange Shampoo

Just like brass, Taurus you're stubborn, but just like No Orange you're reliable and patient too. You're consistent and aren't afraid of hard work. You're needed in every situation for your ambition. MVP of the friend group and hair care routine for-sure. 


Virgo: Fiber Fix Bond Connector 

Virgo and the Fiber Fix Bond Connector are critical, helpful, and hard-working. Your friends and hair go to you when they need help fixing an issue that takes analyzing a problem and executing a plan in the most perfect and professional way possible. You are needed in every tough situation and are appreciated by all those around you!


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