You Need Lana's Iced Out Kit RN

You Need Lana's Iced Out Kit RN

Lana, our Social Media Relations Coordinator here at Fanola curated and created the perfect kit for all of the iconic icy hair lovers. She let us know the low-down of her kit and what Fanola products help her achieve the perfect icy look:


"I have had virgin hair for 22 years of my life & just a year ago I went blonde which meant I had no knowledge on what products to use until Fanola came into my life! Being an icy blonde takes a lot of maintenance and dedication to make sure your color is fresh and your hair stays healthy. It took me hella long to learn what were the right products for my hair to keep it as pretty as it is or whatevaa. This kit makes your life easier and features all my favorite Fanola goodies to help keep your blonde in check while hydrating and bringing your hair back to health for the perfect icy blonde queen look!"



  • Vegan No Orange Shampoo (350ml) - Now let me tell you, this product is a game changer! I never realized how much I needed this shampoo until I started seeing how brassy my blonde could get. This shampoo has helped me maintain my icy blonde while so I don't look so crazy in public. I like to use this shampoo every 3rd wash.
  • No Orange Mask (350ml) - This mask is the key to keeping your hair hydrated and keeping it toned to perfection. The mask is not as strong as the shampoo so I like to use it 1-2 times a week to give my hair some toning without over processing it and drying it out. 
  • After Color Shampoo (350ml) - On the days where I am not toning my hair, I love to use this shampoo to hydrate and cleanse my hair without stripping the color. It contains Vitamin E and Linseed Oil to help bring moisture to your hair while also protecting the quality of its color. 
  • After Color Serum (100ml) - This serum is my absolute holy grail. Not only does it smell incredible but it helps repair my split ends and gives my hair major shine after styling. 

Try out my kit and tag us @fanola so I can see your new icy look!


Lana, Social Media Relations Coordinator (and icy hair connoisseur)


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